★ Welcome to HaxorCraft ★

Welcome to this server, You can kill,raid,explore,and build!

You can have soo much fun (if you want to :P)We have factions,A funny command,/ping,and lots more!You can join us today!Me,Haxorus, and a few other players like to mess around with commands.But we would love it if other players were with us :D!!!

-Server IP-

Here is the IP to the server:      Enjoy...



We got a couple of ranks, and here they are:

Citizen:A person who just joined,

Member: A person who has been here for 3 months

Moderator:A very well respected member, has commands such as /kick and /mute

Admin:A very well respected moderator and has been playing for 8 months, gets commands like /ban /powertool /kittycannon

Co_Owner:Novanator,blazer9111 get all commands and CANNOT ban other admins,co_owners,or Owner!

Owner:HaxorusHD,gets to ban all with console and gets all console commands & server commands

-Admins & Members-

Here are the admins:

Novanator:Also seen as ingame as:Co_ownerNovanator (Co_Owner)

HaxorusHD:Also seen ingame as:HaxorusHD (Owner)

Blazer9111:Also seen ingame as:Blaz3r (Co_Owner)

Cammey2002:Also seen ingame as:Thangodblocks Or

Cammey2002 (Admin)



-=Steam Group=-

Steam group:


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